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Get your dynamic templates ready for dynamic content

Using web designer tools (Google Webdesigner, Adobe Animate) to create your ad is a big help, but you will need a developer to make sure your creatives are ready for dynamic content. We provide these code snippets for you, to extend the capabilities of your creatives.

Why use Dynamic HTML Ad Extension?

Easy to use

Just upload your creative, pick a feature and you are done - you are ready to use your improved ad.

Works with every platform

These code snippets are platform agnostic - we made sure that every creative audit process will let them through.

Any other need?

Our developers are ready to help you if you want to include additional functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I use the code snippets?
You can use the HTML code extended with the code snippets on any platform that supports HTML ads - provided your original code meets their requirements.
Are there other ways to make our creatives dynamic?
The capabilities of dynamic HTML ads don’t stop with these snippets. Get in touch with us if you want more complex solutions, like dynamic video integration, interactivity or anything else you might come up with.
Do you want more from your ad designer tools?
If you are not content how your creatives end up after you’ve finished them or if you want more complex solutions let us know and we will help you achieve your goals.
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