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without compromises

Font surgeon is a simple solution to a difficult problem - how to run a digital ad with multiple large font families included. Your brand identity matters, you shouldn’t have to settle to use secondary assets. Optimizing the size of your font assets is a way to keep your brand identity intact across all your communication channels.

Why use Font Surgeon?

Up to 95% size reduction

Most of the characters a font family has won't ever be used - why keep them then? The font surgeon removes the excess fat for you.

No compromises

You don't have to use lookalike fonts or other fallbacks, you can keep your original assets in your creatives.

Automated integration

Let us know if you want to use the font surgeon in your automated processes.

Better ad UX

Smaller ads will result in faster load times and better user experience for your audience. It’s an important aspect of improving your ROI.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your ads still too large?
Optimize other facets of your creatives with POMS experts. Get in touch with us at
Are your ads rejected by advertising platforms?
Sizmek, Google, and Adform have very rigorous audit processes. POMS experts can make sure that your creatives fit all the requirements.
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