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Don’t lose track of your creative variants’ performance

The core tenet of data driven marketing is to make your decision based on the data you gather. Individual landing URLs with parameters are a must to keep track of each variants’ performance in Google Analytics.

Why use Mass UTM Generator?

100+ URLs in 1 click

Don’t waste time with manually writing your urls.

Custom parameters

Do you have your own measurement system? It’s not a problem, we can cope with anything.

Automated integration

Generating URLs can be an automated part of creative versioning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you support other analytical tools?
The public generator at the moment works with UTM parameters. Get in touch with us at to discuss your other needs in the area.
How do I integrate the UTM generator in my workflow?
We would be happy to discuss with you the ways you can integrate the UTM generator in your DCO workflows. If you are interested in automated parameter generation, API access drop us an email at
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