Tools for dynamic ad campaigns

These tools were developed to maximize the value of digital data driven advertising campaigns.
Try them out for yourself or get in touch with us to learn more about how to get the most out of your campaigns.

Font Surgeon


Font surgeon is a simple solution to a difficult problem - how to run a digital ad with multiple large font families included. Your brand identity matters, you shouldn’t have to settle to use secondary assets. Optimizing the size of your font assets is a way to keep your brand identity intact across all your communication channels.

Mass UTM generator


The core tenet of data driven marketing is to make your decision based on the data you gather. Individual landing URLs with parameters are a must to keep track of each variants’ performance in Google Analytics.

Dynamic HTML ad extension


Upload your code and select the functionality you want to add to your ad. The desired code snippet will be inserted in your code, ready to be used on the advertising platform of your choice.

Dynamic Creative Feed Validator


Protect yourself from avoidable errors in your dynamic feeds. Validate your feed and make sure it matches the requirements of the platform of your choice.

Personalized Video Generator


We combine bespoke video templates with dynamic video assets to create as many videos as you need to reach your goals. Personalize your message to your audience, show everyone what they are interested in.

Static Advert Generator


Are you using platforms that are not ready for dynamic creatives or even for HTML ads? Create static images or HTML ads in bulk with our tool based on the same technology and logic we use for dynamic campaigns.

Dynamic HTML Advert Extension


Using web designer tools (Google Webdesigner, Adobe Animate) to create your ad is a big help, but you will need a developer to make sure your creatives are ready for dynamic content. We provide these code snippets for you, to extend the capabilities of your creatives.

Adcontent Mixer


Creating a working ad feed with scores of messages can be a real challenge. The ad content mixer helps you to create and manage huge feeds with as many messages as you need.

Visual Asset Editor


Dynamic ads have a huge need for assets, the same asset in the same way probably won’t work with different ad dimensions, templates. You don’t have to use graphic designers to make easy changes, with the visual asset editor you can make sure that a single asset fits all your needs.

Dynamic solutions for dynamic challenges

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